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Professional Lactation Services

Breast Milk is The Best Gift You Can Give Your Baby!

Hawkins Lactation Services in the Bronx, NY specializes in helping women to successfully begin breastfeeding. We work one-on-one with new mothers to assist with prenatal care and general breastfeeding education, and are happy to partner with your insurance company and local health care provider to ensure both you and your baby the very best care possible. 

Our services cover clients throughout the five boroughs of New York City and parts of Westchester. Moreover, we will be conducting breastfeeding classes insured by the Emblem Health and Aetna Insurance.

Client Testimonials 

"When my baby was born, I knew breastfeeding would be difficult but I had no idea how difficult it would actually be. I unfortunately had clogged ducts that were making breastfeeding so excruciatingly painful. Xiuting was so hands on and showed me how to rid of the ducts, causing immediate relief. The first month postpartum brought a variety of issues and questions. Xiuting was so responsive and always answered my questions and offered suggestions. I attribute much my success in breastfeeding to Xiuting and her willingness to help!"


“When I called my insurance company looking for a consultant, I was told that everyone loves Xiuting, and now I know why. First, she was the only consultant who made herself immediately available, which can be so important, especially in the early days. Second, she is so kind, helpful and caring. She came to our home, listened to all of our questions and concerns, and gave us the best advice she could. Whenever I was having some kind of problem, I would text her, and she would almost immediately reply with detailed and knowledgeable responses, even though she was receiving no compensation whatsoever. She is a wonderful, altruistic woman who sincerely just wanted to help our family. Thanks to her support and encouragement, I have been successfully breastfeeding for nine and half months, and although it hasn't been easy, I feel fully capable of meeting my goal of one year. Xiuting has helped to make that possible. We are all so grateful to her!"

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